3ds max Vray VBF and jigsaw


I was searching forum, but mostly topics that has 2yers+
As for 2019, is there any option to render multi element EXR or VRIMG with New Glare (vray next 4.1) and denoiser using jigsaw tiles?
I have couple of huge renders to do and jigsaw would be great option, but I know only how to make EXR with VRAY VBF being disabled.


Because VRIMG isn’t supported by the libraries Draft uses, we wouldn’t be able to reassemble them. Multi-part EXRs also are on the wish list here, so re-assembly is going to be a challenge.

I think for denoising, you’d want to apply that pass after the assembly was completed. I have to imagine the calculations take into account neighboring pixels and it might look odd if it was applied before they’re put together.


Ok, I understand that, thank You for clarification. I think, I should be able to denoise it using denoiser tool. So it’s not that bad at the end. And thanks to jigsaw I don’t have to set 30 or 60 regions manually.