Absolute Deadline noob, starting simple but I have a couple of questions

Howdy, I’m just getting up and running with Deadline.
Before I jump in completely, I’m trying to just get started with the 2 worker free setup.
So I’ve got the 2 workers up and running, the DB and repository are all set up and working.
I’ve got machines A, B and C that I’d like to set up as follows:
A - Mac OS X 11.3 using just as a monitor and handles the DB.
B & C Windows 10 machines to use as workers.

First questions:
Machine A has a worker installed. I can not for the life of me figure out how to remove the worker instance and keep this machine as the DB and for job monitoring. I’ve searched this out, and there is a documented way to remove a worker here:

But I am completely missing the dialogue to “Remove Worker Instance.”

Am stretching the limits of the free license too far by having a 3rd machine handle the DB and the monitoring?

Or is there a simple way to remove the worker instance from Machine A that I am completely missing?

Any help is appreciated.

Yes, it should be very easy, but it might not be obvious.

The content of the Workers panel in the Monitor reflects the content of the Database.
When a Worker starts and connects to the Database, it writes information about itself there, and then the Monitor shows that machine as Idle, Rendering, Offline, Stalled etc.

If you would try to Mark a Worker as Offline in the Monitor via the right-click menu, and then delete it via the menu or the Delete key, it would automatically add itself back, like an immortal :slight_smile:

So the real trick is to STOP the Worker, and if it was set to launch on startup, disable that option in the Deadline Launcher. Once the Worker is stopped and the Workers list shows it as Offline, simply select it on the list and delete it from the list! It won’t show up again unless the Deadline Worker client application gets started for some reason.

To enter License Free mode, the Deadline Worker client application simply looks at the number of entries in the Workers table in the Database, and if the count is 2 or 1, it disables licensing. So deleting the extra 3rd Worker from the list is all you need to do to get back to the license-free experience!

So in short:

  • Close the Worker.
  • Disable the auto-start of the Worker in the Launcher.
  • Delete the Offline Worker from the Monitor’s Workers panel.

Thanks Bobo.
That all makes perfect sense.

I’ll give it a go, but unfortunately I can’t seem to get the Deadline Launcher to open in OS X, which is the machine with the errant worker. The monitor and Pulse are the only apps that want to open. I’m going to try and re-install the apps on the monitor machine to see if something was installed wrong.

Is the Launcher installed as a service/daemon? Does the Worker show a GUI when it runs?

Instead of reinstalling everything, you can just locate your deadline.ini configuration file and modify one line to disable auto-starting the Worker.

On macOS, the path would be /Users/Shared/Thinkbox/Deadline10/deadline.ini

Inside, look for


and change it to


(you can also use True and False instead)

After a bit of fiddling around, it seems to have worked.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Now to configure Houdini for job submissions…

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