Advanced Plugin for Cinema4D to minimize its starting time! <3

Hey peeps,

I am working on using and testing Cinema4d as an Advanced Plugin. My goal is to open the application(cinema4d commandline.exe) at the beginning of the job and then only sending different arguments to render the specific tasks.
By that, I could minimize the time c4d takes to load all plugins cause it only happens one time at the beginning of the job on a machine and not for every single task rendered on the same machine.

I guess that the StartJob() / Endjob() callbacks would be responsible for the opening and closing process.

However, before setting everything up, I am still trying to figure out how to use cinema4ds commandline.exe the right way.

Is it possible to just open the commandline.exe so it loads all the stuff and then goes to IDLE? So that it is only waiting for another command with more specific arguments to start rendering?


 commandline.exe -load -idle
RenderTask() #<--- This could happen multiple times for every task. Next with params 6-10
 passingFramesIntoApplicationController(start:1, end:5):slight_smile:
   ( commandline.exe start  first=1 end=5-nogui blabllablablalba)
 commandline.exe -close

looking forward to hearing some hints and advice,

thanks in advance!

your cute squirrel


I can’t help out on the C4D commandline.exe side, but if you’re submitting C4D jobs with ‘Use Batch Plugin’ checked it will keep C4D open between tasks which is what you’re looking to do!

If that’s not what you’re seeing, let me know what version of Deadline you’re on, and we can figure out what’s going wrong.