Arnold Network Licenses On-Premises With Render Nodes through AWS Portal

I have two render nodes and 5 Arnold network licenses on premises. All 5 Arnold licenses are set up and working on my local server using Autodesk NLM license service. I would like to use 2 of these Arnold network licenses with my on-premises render nodes and the other 3 Arnold network licenses with cloud render nodes through AWS Portal. I understood this was possible. However, when I try to add a license server for Arnold in the Configure AWS Portal Settings>>Advanced tab, I cannot. The Licensed Product dropdown in the License Server Settings section only has the following options: Thinkbox, Redshift and Vray. Is it possible to use my Arnold network licenses on both my local render nodes and render node instances through AWS Portal?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Autodesk does not allow the forwarding of Arnold licenses (what we call “BYOL”, or Bring Your Own Licenses) via AWS Portal. Autodesk requires that you use floating licenses for on-premises rendering only, and Usage Based Licensing for AWS. You may not use Arnold UBL on-prem, and you may not use floating licenses on AWS via AWS Portal. This also explains why the product name on the AWS Thinkbox Marketplace is called " Arnold Render for AWS".

Both Chaos Group and Redshift Rendering Technologies have explicitly allowed AWS Thinkbox to enable the forwarding of existing floating licenses of V-Ray and Redshift to the cloud via AWS Portal.

Hi Bobo,

Thank you for your quick response. I will adjust accordingly.

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