AWS - Invalid Max File



I’ve updated my AWS instances using the newest available base ( I think) and I cant seem to get them to render a job - always saying the max file is invalid.

I have opened the file on the master image that I created the instanced images from, and it opens fine.

The log doesn’t really give an indication to me what is wrong, it looks like it is working fine before the fatal error?

Any ideas? Could do with cloud rendering this weekend!

Slave log attached.


Jaime (6.5 KB)


Hey Jaime! There does seem to be something which changed unexpectedly in the underlying infrastructure. Downgrading here won’t make a difference, but we’re working on a fix.


Thanks for the update Edwin, I can stop fiddling with it until it’s fixed now :smiley:


Okay! It should be fixed. Restart your infrastructure and give it a try.