AWS Portal Link Mapped Network Drives


We do everything through mapped network drives. Is it possible to link the AWS Portal Link to network assets or only local file servers? The path browser only allows local paths.


Also just as a note, we weren’t able to upgrade from .8 without uninstalling client first and installing from scratch.


Are you having trouble seeing the mapped drives? I’m wondering if this is the classic UAC hidden drives problem, and that typing it in manually would get you through.


Just a note: we have all of our drives mapped too for all our resources. When I did a remote session with Charles, he ended up using pstools (i THINK) and net use to map the drives as a service (again, I think…this is slightly above my head). Only after we did that was the portal assett server able to upload our files.

Not sure if it applies to this situation, but just a thought


There’s a pretty large divide between the AWS Portal Tools and Deadline’s internal API. That’s by design to keep things modular, but it also means drive map settings don’t carry over well.

I’ll open an issue to add key another feature to the Swiss Army knife of Deadline, DeadlineCommand to map those drives. I see it helpful from multiple angles.



If you are past version If you enter your drives in Tools > Configure Repository Options > Mapped Drives with the proper credentials. The Asset Server should utilize they configurations and map the drives for you. Have you given this a try?




The documentation for mapped drives is here. The background on this problem:

Mapped drives that exist for one user account won’t be visible to the user running as a service. Occasionally when you have “remap at login” enabled it can work for the same user account. Usually, configuring the mapped drives and letting Deadline handle it is best.

An interesting wrinkle is that if the drive is mapped already with different credentials on the same machine, the SMB protocol doesn’t support this and it was the problem we had over here.


So do mapped drives and asset server work or no?