AWS Portal Link Setup Failing


I’ve been circling around trying to get AWS Portal / Asset Server up and running following this video - - with no luck. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

My setup is pretty basic:
Two workstations
Repository on NAS (mapped to R:)
Assets Mapped to an SSD - J:\02_Lighting, J:\03_Textures
Windows 10 Home

A few errors show up at the end of the install - two about not being able to override the IP, and then not being able to set up the asset server. I’ve added * to inbound and outbound rules.

Here is my latest bitrock log… (17.9 KB)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hey Joseph,

The issue is that the user running the Asset Server Service will not have the R:\ mapped.

Error: The specified repository path (R:) does not exist or is not accessible from this computer.

To get around this issue setup the client on that machine to connect to the repository using a UNC path.


You can change this by right clicking the Launcher icon and changing the repository if in GUI mode. If you are running the Launcher as a service modify the deadline.ini and change the NetworkRoot. Refer to this document for modifying the clients configuration.

Once that is done you will have to re-install AWS Portal Link.