AWS Portal setup; Failed to create infrastructure


I’m trying to get AWS running for future potential needs. I’ve followed the instructions in the videos, but fail at the last steps.

I click “New infrastructure”, the region is set to eu-north-1 (Stockholm) which is definitely the closest location. However, the Estimate Monthly Cost-button doesn’t do anything, no window pops up. And when pressing Launch I get this error after a little while:

Failed to create an infrastructure.
Template error: Unable to get mapping for AMIRegionMap::eu-north-1::reverseproxy

I’m not sure if there’s a firewall issue or something else, how can I troubleshoot my connection?


Have you created a IAM policy? Check out this doc

I also think the web documentation is a better place to follow to get your AWS up and running

Yes, I’ve created the IAM policy as described as far as I can tell, I’ve completed the checklist in the web documentation you linked to, but I can’t even get the cost estimation button to work, so I’m suspecting some kind of connection issue, but I don’t quite know how to troubleshoot it