Bug: VRay DBR with VRay 3.6 and Maya


VRay 3.6 for Maya was just released and after upgrading I noticed one bug when trying to submit a VRay DBR job from within Maya. The Deadline script does correctly reserve servers on the farm but the list of servers in “Render settings” -> “Settings” -> “Distributed rendering” -> “Settings…” is not populated with the reserved servers. No error message is given.

Maya 2017 Update 4
Windows 10

Cheers, Florian


I also asked in the VRay forum if something changed in 3.6 regarding distributed rendering. You can find the thread here: forums.chaosgroup.com/forum/v-r … ine-broken


I’m guessing they may have moved the configuration file. I’ll see about digging up my old CG forum credentials.


just checking in to hear if this has been fixed.
The Chaosgroup Support told me that they will inform you of the changes made to the config file.


Cheers, Florian


Just checked in the latest Deadline 10 release. Still doen’t work. :cry:

Vray 3.5 uses three files for setting up distributed rendering: server_list.tmp, server_ports.tmp and server_status.tmp
Vray 3.6 uses one XML file called vray_dr_list.xml
The format looks like this:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <hostlist> <serversLimit>0</serversLimit> <server> <host>render13</host> <port>20207</port> <alias /> <enabled>1</enabled> </server> <server> <host>render14</host> <port>20207</port> <alias /> <enabled>1</enabled> </server> </hostlist>

Maybe this helps.

Cheers, Florian


It does! We’ll circle back with the dev team on this as it should be affecting everyone using V-Ray 3.6.