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Can't open Monitor on multiuser workstations

We currently don’t have Deadline running as a service on our workstations, so if one is idle one of us will log in so Launcher can start. But this means if someone else logs in, they can’t open Monitor unless they force log-out the other user. How do we most easily resolve this? I understand that it’s desirable not to have two users running Workers but we just want to open Monitor.

We’re not quite ready to use a service instead (because we’re wary of some drive mapping problems) but if we did would that solve this or would the service instance of Worker also block artists opening Monitor?

Hello @nogo

Thanks for reaching out, to have other users open the deadline monitor with out logging out the existing logged-in user, you need to navigate to %deadline_path% [C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Deadline10\bin>] and run command deadlinemonitor --new that will open a new monitor for the other user.


Sorry for the very late reply. Thanks for this, very helpful.

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