Cinema 4d and Vray 5

HI everybody,

I am completely new to Deadline and really hope, that someone could answer me some questions, so that I will understand the whole process a little bit better.

I would like to achieve the following set up: Having one computer as render server and a few computers as clients in one network. My workstation should be able to taken away from the network so that it is not involved in the rendering process.

So far I installed on now computer the Deadline Repository, Worker etc.

So it would be great, if you could help me with the following questions:

  1. I am rendering with cinema 4d and vray 5 with mainly using DR. As far as I understood, that shouldn’t be a problem, should it?

  2. Do I need any extra licenses for my server or the clients? So far I have one cinema 4D license for my workstation and for every render node a vray license.

  3. Is it possible to send from my cinema 4d, which is on my workstation, the job to the render server?
    And if yes, I understood, that I have to install in my cinema 4d the “DeadlineC4DClient.pyp”. Is this right?
    Do I have to install the “Repository” as well on my workstation or how does it work?

  4. Do I have to install the Deadline client on every render node, although it is using DR rendering?

It would be great, if you could help me to understand the whole process a little bit better.

Have a nice Sunday and thanks a lot for your help.

  1. I’d test C4D with V-Ray DR outside of Deadline so you know it works ok
  2. You need render licenses for V-Ray (sounds like you have these) and Deadline (for every DR machine)
  3. No, unless you submit Cinema4D commandline job with V-Ray (requires C4D CMD licenses)
  4. If you want to submit via Deadline then yes, it needs the ‘Worker’ running on the machine to be able to launch the DR

Depending on how you are set, and what machines you are using, I’d install V-Ray on the machines you want to use and launch the DR outside of Deadline.

If you’re only using DR and don’t need to schedule the jobs then you can do without Deadline, just leave the DR running on the nodes

But if you want to submit to a machine at a certain time, or schedule machines to be able to render (when others aren’t using them) then Deadline will be necessary.

I think your workflow isn’t going to be that easy as there is no way to export V-Ray Standalone or submit jobs to V-Ray DR from within Cinema4D (Only Arnold, Redshift and Octane)

You can submit a DR job with the Standalone app via the Monitor

This will just launch the DR on the Workers, you’ll still have to start the job in C4D

Hopefully one of the devs on here will see this and build in the functionality into the C4D submitter.


thanks a lot for your quick reply and sorry for my late one. I thought I set up to get an e-mail when someone replies, but that didn’t seem to work.

So about your answers.

  1. Yes, my V-Ray DR set up works with cinema 4D really well outside of deadline.
  2. Yes, I have V-Ray Licenses for every DR machine.
  3. Ok, but I could upload a cinema 4d file, which uses vray directly to deadline to render it. Is this right?
  4. Thanks for clarifying this.

Could you describe, how you would do this without using cinema 4d on my workstation? I thought I would always need cinema 4d to start the job and revieve all the rendered images to save them away.

Thanks a lot for your help and sorry again for taking so long to answer.

Have a nice evening.

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