Cinema 4D, octane and GPU affinity


I tested:

“C:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R19\Cinema4D.exe” -noopengl -render “Z:\octaneTest.c4d” -frame 1 1 -take “Main” -oresolution 800 600 -octaneGPU “0:true 1:true 2:false 3:false”

But it didnt work.

Deadline still set -nogui even with plugin configuration set to Cinema4D.exe, and didn’t work either.

Weirdly the next time I opened C4D it had set 2 out the 4 GPU active? I will try and test some more.


So after running

It renders using all GPUs but the once finished rendering it sets 2 GPUs to active. I also tried putting the -octaneGPU before -render but still the same result.

Hope this helps.