Corona 6 Support


When will Corona 6 be supported?


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Amazon policy keeps us from talking about our roadmap but if you subscribe to our Release Mailer you’ll get an email when we release new versions of Deadline.

Also interested in this, running simple tests I’m getting failures in 6 which didn’t fail with 5

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That is a very concerning statement.
I feel hiding a roadmap from your customer and keeping them in the dark is not a good policy.
Every other software company we have dealt with (including Autodesk) has a visible roadmap.
When is your next software release?
How are we supposed to plan our upgrade cycle and implementation.

Based on this we will start looking at alternative management software next year.

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I’ve attached the archive to add support for Corona 6 Standalone (UI), replace the following after you make a backup copy of (8.4 KB)

The attached files (not tested yet) are only for the UI support, any new features Corona 6 might work. New features are added in official support of the plugins.

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Tested and seems to be working.
Much appreciated.

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