Creating custom submitter, what's best API means of adding calendar/date selection?


Hi there,

I’m just putting together a custom submit UI (using Deadline python API) which users will launch via Deadline monitor to submit a new job type to the farm.

I’d like to give the user ability to set schedules, similar to the schedule panel on a job’s properties, at time of submission rather than after the job has been submitted.

I’ve ran dir(scriptDialog) and also can’t see anything date/time related widget wise in the docs.

Is there an easy means of adding this or will I need to use a collection of Deadline QT widgets to plot out dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm?




Well, it’s all Qt so you can re-purpose those. For those future generations, Jamie’s going to be using these properties to actually set the schedule.

In fact, digging into the code we are actually using QDateTimeEdit here.

I’m also not sure if we’d come to a point where we create a DateTime UI element these days (though that’s really up to the dev team). The UI API was from a time back when we were leveraging C# libraries via IronPython. When we switched to using PyQt for all of this back in 6.0 it largely made the old way obsolete but the overhead of porting the API at the time was less that re-writing all the consumers of it…


Hi Edwin,

Many thanks for the insight. Can completely understand about the decisions and where things are at just now.

I’ll tinker with what’s available for the time being. Indeed, now PyQt has been switched to would indeed be interesting to see how far AWS Thinkbox will take it in future roadmaps etc. :wink: