Cross-Platform Path Mapping



I’ve read through the documentation on cross-platform path mapping but I’m still struggling.
I am using the free license to test a Windows machine and an OSX machine.

In this example I’m simply changing the Windows path to Mac.

The log shows

CheckPathMapping: Swapped “A:\RenderFarmRepository\jobs\Test 01\Composition1.comp” with “Volumes/ARCHIVE/RenderFarmRepository/jobs/Test 01/Composition1.comp”

Which looks good to me, but it then immediately fails with:

RenderPluginException – Error: Error: Could not find a part of the path “/Applications/Thinkbox/Deadline10/Resources/Volumes/ARCHIVE/RenderFarmRepository/jobs/Test 01/Composition1.comp”. (System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException)

It looks like it’s adding /Applications/Thinkbox/Deadline10/Resources/ onto the path and I cannot find why or how!

Secondly, I’m having to drill right down into the job folder because simply swapping “\ARCHIVE\RenderFarmRepository” for “/Volumes/ARCHIVE/RenderFarmRepository” creates paths with incorrect forward /\ e.g.

"Volumes/ARCHIVE/RenderFarmRepository\jobs\Test 01\Composition1.comp

Any help would be appreciated


It looks like you’re missing the “/” in “/Volumes” there, so it’s assuming the path is relative and adding on the Slave’s current working directory.

As far as the slashes, that’s likely been that way for a long time and I think AE gracefully handles the wrong slashes. If it didn’t, we’d have had problems a long time ago.


Thanks, I also contacted support and Charles resolved the problem

It should be.

Replace Path: A:\

Mac Path: /Volumes/ARCHIVE

So you are missing the “/” with volumes and you don’t need to be as specific with the path since A:\ should be mounting ARCHIVE.



Ah that Charles, stealing my thunder. I’m happy you asked here though! It means that hopefully others in the same situation will find it and learn.