Deadline - 3ds max won't close after completing the render


We use 3ds Max 2018.4 and Vray 3.60.04 and render on our render farm using Deadline
We are running into a really issue which we have not been able to resolve.

Say we send a job to Deadline and the job gets assigned to 40 render nodes. a few of the tasks hang and when RDPing into the nodes with the hung task I noticed that there are a bunch of 3dsmax instances still opened on the node, not doing anything. They are just dead and taking up RAM. I have tried sending different types of job but have not been able to pin point a particular job that does it. It seems random. It does not happen on the same nodes every time either.

It seems like 3ds max gets disconnected from deadline somehow instead of the process being killed after the render task.

I would like to find out if anyone else has been running into a similar phenomena and found out what was causing it.


We get this occasionally. We, too, haven’t been able to pin-point exactly what causes this, but there’s definitely a strong correlation with high-RAM use jobs. I’m not sure why Deadline isn’t killing them properly, though.


We’re getting this on Deadline 10 as well now. Anybody find a solution? Wondering if it’s related to sandbox? or it’s because the vrayVFB isn’t unloading properly?


We had this as well across our farm, but a few weeks back we simultaneously updated to Max 2019 and started a policy of restarting our render nodes once a week and I have yet to see a node with the problem since.