Deadline and errors

Finally 3dsMAX got IFL working (well you are not using my most ok code, instead the tricky one, but at least it work…
-> this code here is better (since it don’t care about max version but isntead call python build directly) :

But at least the tricky code work…finally inside deadline :slight_smile: , thank you.

then QuickDraft is still brokhen is this build, for more info read here :


I was having this issue with QuickDraft, had a ticket open with @Justin_B and @zainali who sent over this OS independent fix.

Disappointed to see has no application updates just AWS features (3.9 KB)

This fixed .py file had an error and needed a colon added on line 25:
elif platform.system == "Linux" or platform.system == "MacOS":

Now when I try to use QuickDraft, I get this error message:
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'deadline_command' referenced before assignment

My post from a few days ago:
Has been working for me but I haven’t tested on Mac.

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