Deadline, impossible to submit Draft Job


After upgrade to deadline 9.0.5, it’s impossible to submit Draft Job (tested via Monitor Job right click Menu, and Monitor Submit Menu).

Console return on submission :

2017-07-05 01:52:53: Running script DraftSubmission (S:\Deadline\DeadlineRepository9\scripts\Jobs\
2017-07-05 01:52:55: PYTHON: Traceback (most recent call last):
2017-07-05 01:52:55: PYTHON: File “S:\Deadline\DeadlineRepository9\submission/Draft/Main/”, line 552, in SubmitButtonPressed
2017-07-05 01:52:55: PYTHON: ( success, jobId ) = SubmitDraftJob( inFile, outFile, frameString, draftScript, len( sequences ) > 1, isDistributed, quickType = quickType )
2017-07-05 01:52:55: PYTHON: File “S:\Deadline\DeadlineRepository9\submission/Draft/Main/”, line 392, in SubmitDraftJob
2017-07-05 01:52:55: PYTHON: if integration_dialog.UploadDraftResultsRequested():
2017-07-05 01:52:55: PYTHON: AttributeError: IntegrationDialog instance has no attribute ‘UploadDraftResultsRequested’


We adjusted some things farm-wide with regard to Draft submission. I’ll see if I can get you a fix here.


Thank you, waiting for this… :slight_smile:


Hey Marco,

Here is 2 updated scripts that should fix this issue. In order to apply this fix unzip to \Draft\Main and to \Integration\Main. Once you have set those 2 scripts up this should be fixed for you.

Let me know if you run into any other issues with this. (10.8 KB)


Ok, look like this is working, thanks you so much.