Deadline and 3DS Max - Job failing on startup - Errors galore


Hello everyone,

So we are having some issues in our studio with 3ds max and deadline. We have worked in spurts at a time with everything running flawlessly but for whatever reason, these past 3 weeks have been nightmarish.

Our error occurs when we send a job with max to deadline with DR nodes. When the job hits the farm with no submission issues, the computers on the farm start to populate the job. The first error comes in and says




Error: Monitored managed process "3dsmaxProcess" has exited or been terminated.

2019/08/07 08:53:16 DBG: [16344] [10324] Starting network

2019/08/07 08:53:16 INF: [16344] [10324] Application started with secure mode state ‘OFF’

2019/08/07 08:53:16 INF: [16344] [10324] Product version: 3ds Max 2019 (

2019/08/07 08:53:17 INF: [16344] [10324] Data collection and use is ‘ON’. Change your participation anytime in the Help menu of 3ds Max.

2019/08/07 08:53:26 DBG: [16344] [10324] Could not find the specified file in DefaultSettingsParser::parse()

2019/08/07 08:54:01 DBG: [16344] [10324] Graphics driver requested by the user : Nitrous

2019/08/07 08:54:01 DBG: [16344] [10324] Graphics driver actually created in the viewports : null driver

2019/08/07 08:54:17 DBG: [16344] [10324] Starting network

2019/08/07 08:54:22 DBG: [16344] [10324] Calling NetRenderPreLoad




Date: 08/07/2019 08:55:55

Frames: 2

Elapsed Time: 00:00:03:02

Job Submit Date: 08/07/2019 08:51:53

Job User: cbevell

Average RAM Usage: 4714932224 (14%)

Peak RAM Usage: 8135602176 (24%)

Average CPU Usage: 1%

Peak CPU Usage: 2%

Used CPU Clocks (x10^6 cycles): 135604

Total CPU Clocks (x10^6 cycles): 13560348


Slave Information


Slave Name: render_19

Version: v10.0.20.2 Release (12de851eb)

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

Running As Service: No

Machine User: gcapote

IP Address:

MAC Address: AC:1F:6B:B0:DF:12

CPU Architecture: x64

CPUs: 36

CPU Usage: 0%

Memory Usage: 7.6 GB / 31.7 GB (23%)

Free Disk Space: 186.570 GB

Video Card: ASPEED Graphics Family(WDDM)


Once we receive this issue, it will continually error until it completely fails. (100 errors)

What I have read online has mentioned that multiple instances of Max or Spawner can cause this but we only load one. We have recently also had issues where the job will stay on deadline and not complete until we manually complete it, even after the job has been written out.

What could be going on to continually cause this issue?

Render nodes that are having problems are windows 10 -

3DS MAX 2019 and Vray - No plugins -

Re-queuing and or restarting the job through deadline eventually gets the job out the door but this is not an ideal workaround.

SO TLDR; Job submitted to farm errors out until it fails - Error searching says multiple instances of max running on render nodes can cause the issue - jobs sometimes hang and have to be manually completed, are these correlated?

Thanks for the help!