Deadline applications won't launch in Big Sur

I have a small cluster of machines running at home that is, except for one, all pc. However, the machine I’m on most of the day, communications and such is my mac. The repository and anything related to deadline runs off the PC.

I’d installed the client on my mac (connecting to the repository) to use the monitor.

However, none of the applications will launch. They do their little mac os bounce for about 2-3 seconds, then stop… nothing. No error message, no app. Monitor won’t launch, launcher won’t launch. (i’m not interested in worker launching)

This is on a macbook pro running big sur 11.6
Deadline build is (The same across all machines)

Just getting started with Deadline as well. Running macOS as the Database and Repository. Those appeared to install properly but none of the client apps open. Launcher, Worker, Monitor. Just bounce once and quit.

macOS 10.14.6

Well, just tried on a clean install of macOS Monterey as well. Nothing else installed and same exact issue. Apps bounce but do not launch.

Is this software abandoned for Mac?

It was also a pain to install the database/repository needing to resort to running as root through the terminal.

Ouch. I doubt it’s not supported as the installers all come together with updated features, as a matching set, and the versioning is all lined up (at least for me). works on my windows 10 computers. But it’s effectively a dead install on Mac. Hoping for some company response.

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