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Deadline, AWS, Cloud Studio: Storage, bandwidth and recommandations?

This is a bit of a general question. We’re running a studio in the cloud on AWS, and there’s quite a lot of moving parts involved. While we’re up and running, we’re also trying to optimize and figure out what’s the best setup for price/performance on the file server side.

The most straight forward is a FSx system where both the workstation and Deadline reads from the same drive. But high bandwidth is costly - and 50 render spots trying to grab large asset and cache files bogs down the performance. This is our current setup.

It would be interesting if the Asset Server could work without a Gateway Instance, and upload all render files to an S3 bucket. But as far as I know, this isn’t possible.

Another option is to create a S3 backed drive, and submit jobs to it. Haven’t tried this, but just playing with ideas.

We also have a team in the US and one in Europe, and ideally we’d like one Deadline repo for both, but again storage and bandwidth becomes a question.

Just wondering if anyone here, or anyone from Thinkbox, has any recommendations around these questions?


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Have you looked at solutions like LucidLink?

If you want a response from Thinkbox you’re better off emailing them direct

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