Deadline custom events bug

We are experiencing issues where some custom deadline events won’t run on nuke jobs. It occurs when submitting nuke jobs to deadline that contain the following environment vars


Why would this be an issue?

This is very curious… we haven’t seen such an issue. Is this on Linux?

maybe semi-related… is something on your PYTHONPATH getting imported ahead of what Deadline wants to import?

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We had some other bugs related to PYTHONPATH. The default that is set by dpython is incorrect - for instance the python3/DLLs directory is not included, but another wrong directory for the DLLs is.

Also had other issues with Event plugins not running - seems like if the plugin crashes once, it does not get properly reloaded on Linux. Could not pinpoint the root cause, but it may have been related to the filesystem used for mounting.

@JokerMartini you should be able to see in the worker logs whether there is an issue with loading the event plugins.

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