Deadline icons on centos 7.4


On a clean install of the last Centos my icons a garbled… How can i resolve that ?
Screenshot from 2017-10-11 20-53-05.png


Which version of Deadline is this happening on?

On the bright side, we may have discovered a new way to generate pseudo-random noise.


haha ! … Deadline 9, but to be fair i’ve had this before on v8 on another distro.
On the bright side the icons on the gnome launcher/taskbar are ok


Hmm… Well, reproducing is going to be good. I’m assuming the giant encoding of the icons might be missing?

Those ico files can have multiple sizes I just need a way to view the bigger ones:


Hmm… They seem alright on Windows:


Yeah on windows, I was speaking about Linux :wink:


I notice that the VMX (Balancer) icon displays correctly. The VMX icon is newer than the others and may have been formatted in a different way. We may need to just re-encode them all to be consistent.


I’ve made an issue here for us to handle it. Just to be sure though, if you set the icon display size to be smaller do you see the proper icons? I’m wondering if somehow CentOS’s file manager (assuming Nautilus, I’m a bit out of the loop) is trying to display a size that’s not encoded and so is displaying non-image memory as an image (which should have crashed things).


Hi, here’s a screenshot with icons smaller.

Please notice how the app icon launcher is garbled and how the opened app icon is ok :wink:

Please not too than the launcher icon is not visible at all in the “legacy tray icons”

Screenshot from 2017-10-17 16-35-02.png


I did some digging this morning for more information and it may be that those icons aren’t used for much anymore. I’ll ask the Dev team if anyone’s got CentOS 7 available and do more digging there.


I loaded up a vagrant box for Centos 7.3 (“box-cutter/centos73-desktop”) running GNOME 3.14.2; I couldn’t locate a 7.4 desktop on vagrant cloud.

I installed both Deadline 9 and 10 and the icons seemed fine for both. (Icons for shown below.)

It’s possible there is some difference between Centos 7.3 and 7.4, but I rather suspect the icons somehow became corrupted. You might try a re-install, or just copying the ico files from another machine.


You’re solution don’t work
I can 100% repro that after a reinstall
If I copy thoses icon from a Windows install the icons shows garbled too (while the same files are of course ok on windows, plus vmx icon is ok)

Centos 7.4 made a big jump in gnome version to 3.22…


It’s interesting that the icon files work in 3.14.2… I think this is going to be worth escalating to the Gnome dev team if it’s affecting that specific version.


The devil is in the details. I’ll grab the latest Centos ISO and build a fresh VM.

Also, specifically which build of 9 are you seeing this in? (Go to About and look for the Deadline Client Version.) Thanks!


Deadline, but like I’ve said I’ve already saw this in the past, again with a recent gnome version.Don’t forget the Launcher Tray icon who isn’t displayed at all, and this one I’m sure it’s reproductible on recent distros.

BUT, serously this is only icons so don’t wast your time on this, like you said it’s a detail, maybe just reencode them in the icon format for the next version and it should be ok (you can also attach them here for me to test them).

I’ve only reported you that, because none of the other icons show that problem.


It’s no trouble. I’ve been meaning to get a local Centos VM set up for experimenting anyway. I’ve confirmed the scrambled icons under Centos 7.4 for Deadline versions,, and It’s logged, so we’ll take a look. Thanks for the report!


Just wanted to chime in on this. I’m also running CentOS 7.4 and after installing this is the result I got. Everything but VMX is scrambled. I’ve installed Deadline in the past (also CentOS 7.3, D8 or D9 I think) and this wasn’t an issue. Is there a quick download for the standard icons (or a way to extract them from the installer in case that’s where they get corrupted)? Low priority, but would be nice to have :slight_smile:



Same issue on CentOS 7.4 with MATE. Ended up converting the icons to PNG files and manually adding them to custom Applications menu.


I’ll push again over here. I’m pretty sure we’ll just need to store more icon sizes.