Deadline on Centos 7.6 KDE 4 Issue

I have an issue with Deadline on Centos 7.6 running on KDE 4 and also GNOME have the same issue.

When running Deadline Launcher, it runs normally and launches its icon in the tray and also it launches the Deadline Worker with no issues and also runs its icon in the side tray. Then launching Deadline Monitor also from the Launcher runs the Monitor with no issues. Now, if I leave everything running for a while (around half an hour or so), all Deadline tray icons disappear and the Monitor and Worker windows also disappear and there is no way to do anything. If I try to launch any, it comes back with an error that the tool is running. When checking the running tasks, I find the Deadline launcher, worker and monitor all running and no way to get their windows to appear. The only solution is to terminate all and re-launch, and then it happens again and so on.

I tried this on both desktop environments under Centos 7.6 both KDE 4 and GNOME as well and the behavior is the same. Is this a bug in the software or am I doing something wrong?

Tarek Hachicho

Hey @Tarek_Hashisho

I have seen this happen when multiple logged in users run Deadline applications at the same time. Also, is it just Deadline on this machine having issues?
I can try test this on my end to see if I can recreate this issue.