Deadline overwrites renders



I’m new to Deadline but until now all is good and fairly easy to understand. However I came upon an issue that I’m not sure what’s happening.
If I submit more than one camera from the same .max file he will render all of them correctly but only keep the last camera render and RE. When I check in the monitor for the other jobs they all have correct and different file names but he just seems to delete them and only keep the last one from that file.

What am I missing?

Thank you


Ok I just realised that he doesn’t delete it. He’s saving all of them with the same name even though the monitor shows the opposite. Why is that?


Well, Deadline only controls the output file names when using the “Render Output” option under the “Common” tab in your render setup:


What renderer are you using here? Is the frame buffer involved? Can you give some detail about what the frames should be named? I think making an artificial test scene would be good here.


I’ll try to explain the best I can:

Using 3dsmax 2019 with VrayNext. Exemple scene for this would be Scene1.max with Camera1 Camera2 and Camera3 inside.

I never setup the render output where you showed me, only on the separate render channels tab and works fine until now. I choose Camera1, change the name of the file one the separate render channels to Scene1_Camera1.tga and send it on deadline as $scene_1. Then I repeat the same process for Camera2 and Camera3, save the file and close it.
Looking at the slaves (which have frame buffer enabled) I can see he’s rendering the correct views and if I right click the job on the monitor and look at the Job output, all the pathing are configured correctly.
Once Camera1 finishes he saves it out as Scene1_Camera3.tga (always the last one of the batch, wheather it’s 2 or 10 cameras) and does the same for Camera2 and Camera3, meaning in the end, since they all got saved with the same name, only the last one is there. Even if I go through Job Output and ask him to view output he will tell me it’s missing.

Then I have another file with 4 different cameras where I do exactly the same but he saves everything correctly. The only difference on the submission settings between both is the VrayDBR is enabled on the first case and disabled on this last one.


So I managed to make him save with different names but now he renders all from the same camera, even when there are different cameras selected in the Job Properties…