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Deadline plugin for Blender 3.4

Is it possible to get a plugin for Blender 3.4 ?

Not easily unfortunately - usually we could take the steps in this guide on patching new versions but our existing Blender plugin doesn’t version the executable paths. So adding support for multiple versions will require re-working the plugin. I’ll get an internal ticket together to do that but I can’t say when it’ll happen.

If you’re only planning on running 3.4, you can replace the existing paths in the Monitor under Tools → Configure Plugins → Blender with the 3.4 paths and that should work fine.

Hi, maby I have got this all wrong. I just want a solution for a later version of Blender. 3.4 is the one I use now, but I could use 3.5 also or whatever. Just so I can render with deadline.

No worries, if you’re only planning on using one version at a time, just drop the path to that executable in the Monitor under Tools → Configure Plugins → Blender and test out one of your scenes. It’s possible there will be issues that we will have to sort out.

We don’t have official support for 3.4+ but unless the Blender devs have changed the rendering flags I’d expect that to just work.

Thanks. Just want to say that it works fine with Blender 3.4 !

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Sweet! Thanks for confirming!

If anyone else reads this and has problems getting it to work, the only thing I had to do was to add the right path.

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