Deadline Queing but not rendering anything

Hi… I’ve installed Deadline on my main workstation and the repository on a local network drive. I also installed the client on a render node computer and have point it to the repository.

When I submit a render from Cinema 4D, it’s load and the slave sees it, but it just continuously queues.

No idea what to do as I don’t have a computer science degree, and can’t seem to find anything, anywhere on the internet to help solve this issue.

I’m on a windows machine running windows 10, cinema 4d r21, with octane and redshift render

right click the job and check the render candidates, it maybe blacklisted or in the wrong group but this should let you know why it’s not being picked up


I will go with Anthony’s step first to check if the job is submitted to a different group or the workers are blacklisted. If you see the workers under “Able to Render” list, Check the worker logs for any Licensing error. Right-click on the worker and click on “Connect To Worker Logs”

Feel free to share logs or any error with us.