Deadline Redshift UBL renders not picking up

Hi there,

I’m having a rendering issue with Redshift UBL. Everything is installed correctly, and we’ve been using UBL for several jobs. Burned through 1000+ hours. I recently purchased an additional 1000 hours and then upgraded to a newer Deadline build.

After and update to “Deadline Client Version: Release (4c7391f76)” our Redshift UBL renders are not picking up on render nodes. It’s a bit strange. License forwarder is working. Limits set correctly. Pool assigned, etc.

I’ll see a render node pick up a Redshift render for a moment, then disappear. No error, no log. Nothing. The queued frames just sit there waiting…

We recently installed ESET endpoint security, could this be a port/firewall issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jake,

Is there anything suspicious in the License Forwarder’s log? Does it appear that the Workers are trying to get UBL and communication with FlexNetOperations is failing? In general, blocked ports sounds like the most probable explanation. The behavior you described with the Task flashing an attempt by the Worker to dequeue it, followed by dropping and no obvious errors at Job/Task level usually means UBL checkout failed, and most of the time it is the communication with the cloud license server that is causing it…

Look for the “deadlinelicenseforwarder…log” under the relevant path for your OS.

Looking through Redshift-related posts on this Forum, it appears that Redshift UBL uses ports 5054 and 7054, in case you need to unblock them…

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