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Deadline Render Speed is at least x2 slower than native Fusion render

Hello everyone. first post here. already picked up a lot of useful information from the forum and resources by AWS. thanks for everyone contributing - its very helpful.

I have started using deadline with my home workstation for better render management and keeping things in order. just one computer. using it with Fusion Studio 17 (17.4.6)
these are the specs:
12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-12700K 3.60 GHz
RTX 3080 10GB VRAM

I am getting much better speed in fusion UI/Native Render Manager vs Deadline. using real projects and test projects (tested noise tools to create some intensive render) it seems Fusion is giving me about *2 speed increase at least.

in deadline I render frames in a frame range of 20 (seems that’s the sweet spot). I have 12 logical processors but fusion+deadline is using maybe half that. here’s the performance graph from Windows:

it’s not that fusion is that cpu effective, but I would think I would could be faster in deadline than I am currently (I would like to get closer to what fusion can give me at least). in deadline I tried rendering concurrent tasks - it actually makes things slower in total (2/3 tasks at the same time takes longer in duration vs the same tasks rendered one each time combined).

the utilization of CPU by deadline is about 20 % maximum in all my renders:
RAM is not maxing out (got 128GB)
the VRAM is 10GB and it seems utilized

maybe the VRAM is the cause of this poor performance of CPU utilization? but still that doesn’t explain why is deadline using less resources than fusion.

in deadline log showing nothing out of the ordinary.

is there something I can do or check to make deadline better use my resources vs fusion own already rather poor utilization of resources?


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