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Deadline rez issue

According to Rez — Deadline documentation
I want try rez with deadline ,I have installed rez in sever and I add the sever rez install path in my PATH (like this \\TestTools\PLE\ThirdParty\rez_2.113\Scripts\rez),but can not get the rez in Configure Event Plugins page
i’m using Deadline Client Version: Release

Which version of Deadline are you using? Rez feature was added in Deadline with version release.

If you are running a older version Deadline than, then it is possible that the Monitor will not show up in the Configure Events option. You would need to upgrade Deadline to the latest or atleast Here is documentation on upgrading Deadline.

Also to check if you have the Rez plugin support, you can check the DeadlineRepository10/events/Rez folder which contains the plugin python files.

Ok,I will upgrade my deadline and try, thanks for your help

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