Deadline + Slack

Any possibility of having an integrator in Slack of your software? notifications, performance and many other stuff would be very interesting. For example, communicate certain person when a render is finished via Slack instead of emails…

Just thinking out loud.

Currently, no, but we do intend to rework the entire “notification” system in Deadline at some point, so you will be able to hook any kind of system potentially to it in the future. ie: Slack, SMS, pager, etc. Currently, you could use an event plugin onJobFinished() callback to fire a Python script that sends a signal to Slack, etc.

Well, there’s this third party guy here:

I helped BigRoy with it a little, but it’s pretty much just him maintaining it.

I forgot to say thank you… 3 years late but still here. :wink:

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Did you get the slack notifications to work?
Could you maybe help set it up?

Slack recently changed their API a bit, so you’d have to make a bot instead of an API key like the plugin above expects. Other than that, the modifications you’d need to make to the author’s code are reasonably small.

How far have you gotten?

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