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Deadline web service on docker

I have made a docker image for running deadline web service, Primary reason to do this was my core linux is alma9 and deadline doesn’t run on alma., now the job submission happens through this service, but its really slow. Any idea why this could be. I don’t see any obvious networking issues such as latency etc.

FROM centos:7

RUN mkdir /tmp/Thinkbox

COPY Deadline- /tmp/Thinkbox/

WORKDIR /tmp/Thinkbox
RUN tar -xvf Deadline-

RUN ./ --mode unattended --repositorydir /mnt/dlprodrepo/ --slavestartup false --unattendedmodeui minimal --enabletls false


RUN rm -rf Deadline-*

ENTRYPOINT ["/opt/Thinkbox/Deadline10/bin/deadlinewebservice.exe"]

What do the deadlinewebservice logs look like during and after a request?

If there are issues there should be warnings appearing there.

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