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Deadline workers spamming license server

After installing a floating license for deadline 10.1.21 (previously using UBL), I noticed that each worker is checking out and releasing a license every second from the license server. This is generating a lot of log traffic, and I’m afraid it may not scale as I add workers. Is there a way to manage the rate that these licenses are being checked in/out? Thanks!


You can supress the checkin/checkout logging with an options file. To
create an options file create a file named thinkbox.opt​ and fill it with this:


Save that file, and re-read the license file using lmtools.exe → Start/Stop/Reread → ReRead License File.

That’ll silence the chatter and shorten the log file.

Also, if you upgrade your Deadline to the latest it no longer needs a license to run. Details here


Thanks for the info on cleaning the log file. We’re in the process of upgrading, but that may still be a way off due to scheduling.

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