Deadline10 AWS Portal Tokyo Region EC2 Spot Fleet GPU Type Inquiry



Hi. I am a Deadline 10 AWS Portal user.

We have built Deadline in the AWS Tokyo region.

Items of G2, G3, P2, P3 are not visible in GPU - Instance Type at Start Spot Fleet.

Why are GPU instances not visible in the item? (Attachments)


This is a very good question - I spent the last week in Japan and I am still sitting in my hotel in Tokyo. I saw this happening at least twice, both in v10.0.21 and 10.0.23. However, I just tried it again and all g2, g3, p2 and p3 instance types showed up as expected.

I suspect the problem is not in Deadline itself, but that sometimes the request to enumerate available instance types might be returning a shorter list for some internal AWS reason. I will try to dive deeper into this and will report back if I can find an answer from the EC2 team.