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Dealine rcs wont start new install

Having an issue on a fresh Deadline Install, when connected directly monitor works but worker will not launch.

when i run the deadlinercs.exe i get the following:

nogui was not added to the CommandLineParser.
Feature UpdateAPI: DataControllerUpdateServer starting up with updateInterval=30 seconds
[SecretsManagementKeyRotationService] Started up with checkInterval=60 seconds
Deadline Remote Connection Server 10.3 [v10.3.0.13 Release (7883f0093)]
Connected to “D:\DeadlineRepository100”
Turning off Kestrel logging
DEBUG: The RCS is capable of sending responses compressed with :br
Using ASP.Net Core server.
Listening for https requests on port 4433 loopbackOnly False…
Main: Exception caught in main loop, exiting: An error occurred while trying to connect to the Database 10.x.x.x:27100. It is possible that the Mongo Database server is incorrectly configured, currently offline, blocked by a firewall, or experiencing network issues.

Full error: An exception occurred while receiving a message from the server. (FranticX.Database.DatabaseConnectionException)
[SecretsManagementKeyRotationService] Stopping service.
[SecretsManagementKeyRotationService] Service stopped.

Full error: An exception occurred while receiving a message from the server. (FranticX.Database.DatabaseConnectionException)

any help would be appreciated


It looks like RCS is failing to connect to the Database. Can you check if you Database service is running?

If yes, then we would need to check how RCS is connecting to Database/Repository. The RCS needs to be connected directly with the Database so it can act as a bridge between the Clients and the Database. You can change the connection type by going into Launcher option > Select Repository > Direct Connection.

Do let us know how it goes.

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