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Deploying Arnold Network Licenses for Max In My Dealing Renderfarm

I have AWS Deadline installed and working with my main graphics Boxx Apexx system and three older computers as Workers (renderfarm nodes). Everything is working for scanline rendering under Max2022. Lastly, I need to get Arnold rendering working. I have five Arnold networking licenses.

I installed the Deadline Repository and DB on one of the Workers (not my main creation system mentioned above). From what I’ve read, I install Arnold License Manager, generate a Network License and then…??? Some links for getting things off my Autodesk subcription, products page are broken, so I can’t even see or get the things I might need from there. So I’m hoping to get useful information from users before I take this final step.

Questions I have:

  1. I plan on running the Arnold License Manager on the same Worker node managing Deadline, not my creation system. Hopefully this is okay.
  2. I see the link to generate a Network License in my subscription center. Does it matter what machine I do that on? Should I only generate the network license logging into my subscription center from the Worker machine after installing ALM?
  3. Then what? How do I assign my Arnold network licenses to each node?
  4. Does the Arnold for Max plugin (or any other needed plugin) come into play on the Workers (nodes)?
  5. What things do I not even know to ask that are going to trip me up (file permissions, etc)?

I was so excited to see test network rendering working on all my machines managed by Deadline. Dying to see it going with Arnold. I need to network render pointclouds and other data dense scenes. I think compiling a file sent directly to standalone Arnold is out of the question, in case someone is thinking to offering that option.

Buck Wyckoff

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