DL Houdini subission install error


When running the “Houdini-submitter-windows-installer.exe” in Repo/submission/Houdini/Installers i get the error shown in the attachment. There you can also see the contents of the Client folder. It is obviously missing some files:


Hey bonsak,

Sorry about that :blush:. Could you unzip and copy the attached folders into the Houdini Client folder (it contains the two missing folders)? I’ve logged the issue and will look into fixing it.
HoudiniClient.zip (10.1 KB)


Sure. Will try when i get back to work in the morning.





If you’re curious why this happened, we had reorganized the Houdini client folder structure to make manual installations more feasible but unfortunately we still referred to the old structure in a few spots. There’s a fix for the missing Houdini/Fusion files internally that should be out next release.