DL10 Houdini Wedge subission error


When trying to submitt a wedge node with one mantra node attached i get this error when i select the wedge node in the Rop to render dropdown:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "//\SubmitHoudiniToDeadline.py", line 662, in ROPSelectionCallback frameString = SHTDFunctions.GetFrameInfo( renderNode ) File "//\SubmitHoudiniToDeadlineFunctions.py", line 186, in GetFrameInfo return GetFrameInfo(node.node(renderNode.parm("driver").eval())) NameError: global name 'node' is not defined

When connecting the same wedge node to a Deadline ROP and submitting, i get this error:

Deadline Command 10.0 [v10.0.3.2 Release (072d054c6)]
Submitting to Repository: \\REPOSITORY
Submission Contains No Auxiliary Files.
The job was submitted successfully.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “opdef:/Driver/deadline?PythonModule”, line 21, in SubmitToDeadline
File “//\SubmitDeadlineRop.py”, line 16, in SubmitToDeadline
PrepareNodeForSubmission( renderNode, dlNode )
File “//\SubmitDeadlineRop.py”, line 39, in PrepareNodeForSubmission
dlSubmittedIDs[ renderNode.path() ] = nodeSubmission( renderNode, dlNode, depJobIds )
File “//\SubmitDeadlineRop.py”, line 85, in nodeSubmission
jobDeps = SHTDFunctions.SubmitRenderJob( renderNode, jobProperties, “,”.join( dependencies ) )
File “//\SubmitHoudiniToDeadlineFunctions.py”, line 407, in SubmitRenderJob
fileHandle.write( “Frames=%s\n” % GetFrameInfo( node ) )
File “//\SubmitHoudiniToDeadlineFunctions.py”, line 186, in GetFrameInfo
return GetFrameInfo(node.node(renderNode.parm(“driver”).eval()))
NameError: global name ‘node’ is not defined

The SubmitDeadlineRop.py script could not be found in the Deadline Repository. Please make sure that the Deadline Client has been installed on this machine, that the Deadline Client bin folder is set in the DEADLINE_PATH environment variable, and that the Deadline Client has been configured to point to a valid Repository.
With the result that one job is submitted to the farm.

The “SubmitDeadlineRop.py” file is in the repo at “R:\REPOSITORY\submission\Houdini\MainSubmitDeadlineRop.py”
Reinstalled the client on the submitting workstation but i still get the same error.
DEADLINE_PATH is set to “C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Deadline10\bin”

H 16.0.705
Win 10



Hey Bonask!

I did some digging and that bug cam in during 10.0 SP1. It should be quick to fix, but the integration guys know best. I’ll try and push for that when they come in.




I noticed internally that there is some code waiting on review for this fix. As it has not officially made it in there may be issues, but if you would like to give it a test, just backup “[repo]/submission/Houdini/Main/SubmitHoudiniToDeadlineFunctions.py” and copy this in its place.

SubmitHoudiniToDeadlineFunctions.py.txt (62 KB)


Thanks Edwin. Im away on vacation at the moment. Will be back in a week. Will try your fix then.




I’ve checked the file, it doesn’t throw up the error for wedges any more. I can’t get it to submit the wedges as separate jobs though. Even with the checkbox ticked it submits only one job. Maybe I’m missing something in the way I’ve set it up but there aren’t any specific instructions for submitting a wedge job.




Also, it’s not respecting the ‘Submit Houdini Scene’ check box. It’s still rendering directly from the original file.


I’ve made a few dev issues for the team to look into once they’re back tomorrow and passed that off to the right people so they’re aware. I think all three Houdini issues can likely be handled pretty quickly, so feel free to chase me here and I’ll escalate if it takes too long.


Hi Edwin,

To be honest I think there are a few more issues with the submitter than I realised. My colleague was away yesterday and has just told me this morning that there are a number of things not working:

The frame override isn’t working, it won’t do chunks or override the rop output I think.

Frame dependencies aren’t working from the submitter it just does job dependency

He also had to modify the Mantra plugin because it wasn’t picking up the minor version so when it looked for the Houdini 16 executable it didn’t find anything because we’re using 16.0.705.

I’d be concerned that there might also be a few other issues we haven’t picked up on yet. It seems like there might be a broken connection between some of the UI items and the submission.




Oh boy. Can we schedule something? I think we’re releasing SP4 soon, so maybe upgrade and we’ll circle back. Feel free to give me a call or e-mail and we’ll try and hook something up. Address these days is amsler@amazon.com.


An update to the issues experienced in this thread:

  • “global name ‘node’ is not defined”: fix posted in this thread and in Deadline already
  • frame override: fix made it into
  • Frame dependencies: fix made it into
  • submit scene (+ some others): fixes are making their way into the next release
  • Submit wedges as separate jobs: fix making its way into the next release

Unless you meant something else by

Then the plugin not automatically detecting build versions of Houdini (or any application really) is normal, as we expect studios to configure the plugin to look at their specific version/location of Houdini. We only supply the default path.



Hi Morgan,

I’ll download the latest version and check out the fixes. Thanks Morgan.

The Mantra issue though is that it’s submitting with the version of Houdini for Mantra as “16” not “16.0” as it does for normal Houdini submissions. This means that the version logic in the Mantra.py file doesn’t work to determine the render executable because it’s not matching the key in the param file. All we changed was this in the RenderExecutable function (line 43 in Mantra.py):

I’m assuming this is just a submission error as the version information comes through fine for the Houdini jobs and it’s just missing the .0 or .5 for Mantra?




I did some digging here and found the culprit. It’s this line in the Houdini submitter:

                    if exportType == "Mantra":
                        fileHandle.write( "SceneFile=%s\n" % paddedIfdFile )
                        fileHandle.write( "Version=%s\n" % hou.applicationVersion()[0] )

I’ll push this through and see if we can post the fix here when it happens.


Ohhhh, that makes A LOT more sense. Yea, I did misunderstand what you were saying, sorry about that :blush:. We’ve got a fix for that also making its way into the next build. But if you can’t wait, here’s an attached file that includes the fixes talked about in this thread. The files are copied to: DeadlineRepository10/submission/Houdini/Main/

HoudiniMain.zip (25.3 KB)



That seems to have resolved most of the issues :slight_smile: but it’s still not respecting the ‘Frames per Task’ values :frowning:




That’s with an export job workflow? It respects my frames per task when I’m doing a “normal” render (including wedges).

Currently the way we have it working we’re explicitly telling it to do 1 frame per task when doing exports (both for export job and the dependent render job), but looking at the code it seems that we can potentially make this better/more intuitive by respecting the frames per task in the export workflows.

I’ve logged this internally as something we want to add.



Hi Morgan,

Yeah, we’re exporting ifds with a dependent Mantra job. It used to do chunks of 10 for the export job and then single frame for the Mantra, it’s only in Deadline 10 that this logic has stopped. Having 10 on the export and 1 on the Mantra would be better.




Hey Nick,

We’ve updated the submitter to be able to export with frame chunks larger than 1. Look for it in upcoming release notes! :smiley: