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Does submitting from Hiero/NukeStudio still work?

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get Hiero/NukeStudio shot/clip/sequence submitting to work. After trying to install the client submitter with automatic and manual method, I have still not found the submit button anywhere. I would think it should appear on the “Render with” dropdown together with the “Frame Server” and “Single Render Process”?

I have tried getting it to work with Nuke 12.2v2 and Nuke 13.1v3, but no success.

Have someone else gotten the Hiero/NukeStudio submitter to work on Nuke 12 and above?

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Did you get this working? I am also struggling to get it working.

No, have not gotten it to work yet :confused: Have you?

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