Draft import works when a slave calls it, but annotations gui on monitor fails with license error


Happy Friday afternoon,

Hitting an odd draft license error in 10.0.20.
when draft is running on a slave , it picks up a license correctly.

but when i try to run the annotaions gui, via the “edit annotations” button, i get his fun license error:

An error occurred while creating annotations.

Error: RuntimeError : Could not find a license for module 'Draft'. Module not loaded.
No license server found.

File "\\qs\resources\deadline\repo10\submission\Draft\Main\DraftAnnotationsUI.py", line 30, in <module>
imp.reload( Draft )

screen shot with the “Edit Annotations” button

I have confirmed that we have valid licenses that do not expire until much later this year, for draft v1.6.

What am i missing ?



@eamsler what does the monitor look for when it tries to get a license for draft?


Hey Kym! Sorry for the delay on this one.

This happens because Draft will always try to check out a license when it’s loaded as a module by Python, and workstations likely don’t have any idea where the license server is.

The quick fix is to set “THINKBOX_LICENSE_FILE=@[license_server_hostname]” on the workstations. The hacky solution is to start the Slave and have it check something out from the license server.


Fantastic, this works like a charm.