Draft - Screen Composite Operator

Hello. I’m trying to compose EXR Sequences into MOV and have some problems with compositing. As I know there is no “screen” composite method in Draft, so If there any chance to create it by other composite methods.

image_1_plus = Draft.Image.CreateImage(draft_img_list[0].width, draft_img_list[0].height)
draft_img_list[0].Composite(draft_img_list[i], 0, 0, Draft.CompositeOperator.MultiplyCompositeOp)
image_1_plus.Composite(draft_img_list[i], 0, 0, Draft.CompositeOperator.AddCompositeOp)
draft_img_list[0].Composite(image_1_plus, 0, 0, Draft.CompositeOperator.MinusCompositeOp)

Here is some code from my attempts to reinvent “Screen” Blend Mode. As I know full formula for Screen looks like A or B ≤1? A+B-AB: max(A,B). And my code succesfully recreate A+B-AB part ot the expression. But if the A or B have value more than 1 the final result have mismatches.

is it possible to solve this problem or maybe I don’t know some other Draft tricks. Thanks you)