E57 import - all data imported as a 2D plane (squashed in one axis)


I’ve been given point cloud data in E57 format but importing these files results in the point cloud being squashed in one axis so that the resulting point cloud is flat (all points on a 2D plane).

The E57 data imports fine in Faro’s Scene so it looks like the data itself is correct.
Re-exporting from Faro’s Scene as E57 produces the same error when imported with Krakatoa, but the ‘point plane’ is oriented differently.
Exporting as PTS imports fine so it looks like a problem with E57 data specifically.

I can get around the issue by using PTS but wanted to make sure it’s reported. I vaguely remember seeing this 2 or 3 years ago already but didn’t report back then, I hope that reporting now helps to get it fixed.

Let me know if you need an example file to reproduce the issue.


Hi Pokoy,

Thanks for the report. An example file would be very helpful for us to debug this.


I am preparing a zip for you with two files of the same point cloud, one as E57, another as PTS so you can see the differences.

One thing I came across yesterday - something which would be just another bug - is that the PTS point cloud seems to import with one axis inverted. This hasn’t happened the last time I used exactly the same workflow some 2-3 years ago. Looks like you need to check and make sure the importers work correctly. Can you investigate this as well?

I’ll PM you the download link for the E57/PTS data.


Sorry, I made a mistake! The PTS point cloud is NOT mirrored, I was looking in the wrong place. So, PTS is fine, it’s only the E57 format that has issues.