Error custom python plugin for deadline

Hi im setting up a python script plugin for deadline that was correctly working in The error i get is this one:

Event plugin could not be loaded from the repository because: Functions “GetDeadlineEventListener” or “GetDeadlineEventListenerWithJobs” are not defined in the event plugin script file (one must be defined)

What may have changed?

Hey Juan,

As far as I know nothing’s changed, so I’m stumped for the moment. If it’s not an issue, would you be able to share the script?

Just going off of the error message it’s failing to find the GetDeadlineEventListener() function in the script file. Is it supposed to be getting run as an event plugin?


Hi, no worries,
apparently it was a “happened only once” error and then disappeared. Everything works as expected.

I’m going to chalk that up to caching not being done properly the first time, and hope it doesn’t happen again.

If it does, do let us know though!