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Error in bm->OpenOutput(): error code 12

I have been tracking this error message in the past few months, but I cannot seem to isolate the specific reason why this error is occurring on our render jobs. It will not affect every frame/node on a job but will randomly occur throughout the render process until a maximum number of errors are exceeded.

Through trial and error, we have determined that the best workaround is to not use the normal render output dialog in the 3ds Max render control panel. but instead use the V-Ray frame buffer output. This leads me to believe that this has something to do with how the output is routed through Deadline. If the V-Ray save output is used, no errors occur, but the standard output will randomly generate errors. I have tested with different file types and various locations, with the same results. I thought it might be associated with render elements, but I have deleted all the render elements and even reset the renderer in the render dialog (switch form V-ray to Scanline, then back). I have tested in 3ds Max 2023, but not 2024 as this has not been deployed yet, but I can if necessary. Finally, we are running, but I have seen this on and 13.

Any ideas?

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