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Error rendering on 3ds max 21 and Corona 7

Hello there,
I´m facing an issue using 3ds max 21 and corona 7.
This error didn´t happen on 3ds max 20, using same file.

Job_2022-05-08_14-45-11_627801a7cf9ccc43187d5dff.7z (7.1 KB)

Not read the log but I recently had an issue with 2022 and Corona 8, I launched max on the nodes and hit render just to check it worked and that got the renders going. Bit of a pain, not sure if it was the 3ds security pop up or something with Corona.

Not sure, but looks like Pulze didn´t recognizing corona 7 in my workstation either.
It recognize in 20 and 22, but not in 21. So I´m reintalling corona to double check.
The worst thing is sure corona iis installed in 2021, I´m working everyday on it. lol

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