Execute Command : Batch File Times out


We have always been able to install Vray from a network drive using Execute Command via a batch file. Recently when we try to run a software update via a .bat file it times out and fails to install. If we remote into the machine and run the batch file locally it will install Vray just fine. Anyone else experiencing the same issues or have a suggestion to get Deadline to run the batch file correctly and install software silently.

PS: If I run the batch file via Submit–>Command Script it runs fine. Is there a way to have control so that all of your machines run this batch?

Austin Reed


Have you tried running .bat as command-line maintenance job?


@panze I didn’t know this existed and seems to work well. Got a few errors on a few machines, but most went through. I will dive more into this early next week to figure out why some machines failed. Thanks for the suggestion.