Frame stuck at 100percent

I have a frame that is stick at 100 percent and wont write the file out

attached log (10.6 KB)


If you log into the Worker machine while its stuck at 100%, what is it doing? There could be an error or warning that Deadline isn’t picking up on keeping Redshift from writing output.

its doing nothing out of the ordinary where should i look for problematic activity?

If Redshift isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, I’d say we need to get Deadline out of the equation.

Right when the job is started Deadline will write out a line in the log that starts with “Full Command”, and that’s the command+arguments that the Worker is using to start Redshift.

If you run that yourself from a command prompt and Redshift properly outputs the frame we know it’s something to do with the Deadline Worker application. And if it still hangs, it means that there’s either something wrong with the arguments Deadline is starting Redshift with or something wrong with Redshift.

There’s a more complete guide for the above here in our docs, if you’d like.

Give that a shot and let us know what results you get!