Fusion 9 submit error


When running the ‘DeadlineFusionClient’ from the script menu in Fusion 9.0.1 i get this error:

The SubmitToDeadline.eyeonscript script could not be found in the Deadline Repository. Please make sure that the Deadline Client has been installed on this machine, that the Deadline Client bin folder is set in the DEADLINE_PATH environment variable, and that the Deadline Client has been configured to point to a valid Repository.
Houdini and C4d submitters works fine on this workstation so this is probably not related to the DEADLINE_PATH or access to the repo.

The ‘SubmitToDeadline.eyeonscript’ is present in the REPO/submission/Fusion/Main folder

F 9.0.1



Hey Bonsak,

In deadline 10.0.4 we made some changes to our fusion support because Fusion dropped support for IUP (a lua UI toolkit) which requires a reinstall of the client script.

It also looks like the installer is missing a script, could you extract the attached script into your REPO/submission/Fusion/Main folder then try again.

SubmitToDeadlineMonitor.rar (3.06 KB)


Thanks. Ill try it out tomorrow morning.



We were having this same problem and installing the script as noted above now launches the submitter from Fusion.

We’re on Deadline, should this be coming with Deadline now and something isn’t getting it in the update, or has it got missed from the Deadline install?