Having emergency or quick jobs take priority over all others



Is it possible, or could it be possible to add an option to force a selected job to render ahead of the rest of the queue? (in Backburner it was the critical priority option that did it)

I seem to have to shuffle around job priorities if I want something to render ahead of the rest of the queue.

We will often have a few jobs at 100 that are highest priority, but If I have a quick test that needs rendering I will have to change those other jobs to a lower priority or suspend, at which point something else will usually start up rendering instead (and it gets a bit cat and mousey chasing them down) :slight_smile:



There’s the “priority offset” job script(right click menu with job(s) selected) that that you can use to offset all the other (selected) jobs to a lower priority.


I’d use pools for that. I want to say we named our “Crisis Friday” back in the day? That was used when the whole farm needed to be tasked with a particularly high priority job.

The idea is that Pools by default have a higher priority in the scheduler than the job priority value, and you can have pools apply to just a few machines. That means you could allocate a few really fast machines to pool “Testing” and whenever you need, just make sure your submitted job is sent to that pool instead of the default “none”.

Some background on how all that works:
deadline.thinkboxsoftware.com/de … nd-limits/
deadline.thinkboxsoftware.com/fe … -pools-you


Thanks for the suggestions, been using both this last few days to great effect :slight_smile:


Great! I’m going to change the title here to grab some more attention.