Help installing AWS portal link in CentOS

I installed repository and client on the workstation. However AWS installer doesn’t seem to look in the right place for deadline command.

Deadline command is located in this directory and I can call it to get various info from repository.


However when trying to install AWS, it gives me this error.

[render@ptaren07 deadline]$ pwd
[render@ptaren07 deadline]$ sudo ./

Error: There has been an error.
Error running /deadlinecommand Version: /bin/sh: /deadlinecommand: No such file or directory```

I’m having the same issue, did you ever find a solution?

and of course you find the solution immediately after posting :slight_smile:

if anybody else is seeing the issue, running the sudo command with the -E flag (to preserve environment variables) fixs it. ie:

If anyone else has this problem but the -E doesn’t solve it:

The Installer expects the path to “deadlinecommand” (/opt/Thinkbox/DeadlineXX/bin) in the environment variable DEADLINE_PATH.
For some reason the installation doesn’t necessarily set this variable (on my Debian installation), so just set it yourself and the installation should work.

The “sudo -E” - trick only works when the env variable was set correctly in the first place.